"Possibly the best option in the Strait"


Consignees of Vessels:

Discharged from the three ports where we operate, we offer this service as a supplement to the other we have.

Customs Brokers:

The Customs Office has been the basis of the Agency for many years and now is an important part of it. Quick solutions and customized with the latest technology "EDI-Internet" and "PORTEL" real time, being connected with the customs computerized, in Almeria, and Malaga and Melilla in the different formats that we require our customers:

We have three offices where we will respond gladly to Melilla Almeria and Malaga.


As organizers of transport, responsibly exercise this activity, fulfilling our commitments to the highest degree of customer satisfaction, both in pricing and terms. Is the area of higher added value and where it really showed that total quality is with us to reach.

Verticalmenyte offer a package that has it all:

- Organization of the operation (Temporary).
- Customs clearance.
- Transport owned or subcontracted.
- Insurance of Goods. We are agents. Of the national carrier of Switzerland, based in Basel (Switzerland). Through it all types of insurance offer both land and sea or any other type of risk you need.